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Aiyejoto Congratulates New Obaro of Egbeda-Egga, Oba Obademi

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The former National President of Egbeda-Egga Development Union (EDU), Joseph Aiyejoto has congratulated the new Obaro of Egbeda-Egga Kingdom, HRH. Oba (Engr) Noah Olumide Obademi 9n his ascension to the throne of his ancestors .

In a congratulatory message to Oba Obademi, Joseph Aiyejoto prayed that the reign of the new King brings peace and progress to Egbeda-Egga, a community in Ijumu Local Government Area of Kogi State.

He stated that with the coronation, the race to the stool of the King of Egbeda-Egga has been concluded, urging all sons and daughters of the community to support Oba Obademi with their hearts and minds.

According to the former EDU National President, who is currently the Chairman of the Publicity Sub-Committee of the 2023 Egbeda-Egga Day Celebration, kings are installed by the almighty God – the King of kings. And no one ascends the throne of any community without the Divine Hand of God.

Joseph Aiyejoto said that the stool of Egbeda-Egga, upon which Engr. Obademi now sits as King, is not only highly revered and coveted but also laced with various responsibilities, adding that “our people have come together, by today’s event to tell you that *we are your bone and flesh*. And the almighty God, by permitting this event, said to you, *you shall feed my people, the people of Egbeda-Egga, and you shall be a captain over them.* As such, *all our elders have made you King*.”

He encouraged the new king to make a *league* with the people of Egbeda-Egga to be a King that will reign with the fear of God and respect for humanity.

Also, the former President opined that now that the race is over, Oba Obademi has become the King over all sons and daughters of Egbeda-Egga, as well as everyone that is related to them by blood, business or friendship, imploring him to take his Kingship Reign after the order of David, the great King of Israel, who knew and applied humility, forgiveness and generosity as pivots of his reign, leaving legacies that has abided till modern time.

While further encouraging the new King, Aiyejoto stated that it is not an act of weakness but indeed strength, to apologize, beg and seek for reconciliation, where and when necessary, especially as regards some of the members of the community that may be aggrieved in one way or another in the course of the selection process.

He said the Kabiyesi need every member of the community and people with understanding for his reign to be peaceful and progressive. He prayed God to endow Engr Obademi with wisdom, knowledge and understanding for a peaceful reign in Egbeda-Egga.

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