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Choice of Ododo As Bello’s Successor Is Thoughtful and Commendable – Hon. Kunle Ola

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In a show of commendation and support, Hon Kunle Ola, the Special Assistant on Grassroots Sensitization, hails Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello for endorsing His Excellency Ododo Ahmed Usman as the best option for tranquility and leadership in Kogi State.

This move reflects the keen eye of Governor Bello for recognizing individuals who possess the necessary qualities to drive progress and unity within the state.
Hon Kunle Ola, a key figure within the political landscape of Kogi State, has expressed his admiration and appreciation for Governor Bello’s endorsement of Usman Ahmed Ododo. Known for his astuteness in assessing leadership capabilities, Governor Bello’s preference for Ododo hints at the latter’s potential to bring stability and effective governance to Kogi State.

Hon Ola, while speaking to youths and women in his constituency in Odo Ere Yagba West Local government, emphasized the importance of fostering tranquility in a state that has witnessed its fair share of political and social upheaval in recent years.

He praised Governor Bello for his commitment to promoting peaceful coexistence and his effort to identify leaders with the capacity to nurture harmony within the state.
According to him the God ordained Successor , Usman Ahmed Ododo is widely regarded as a capable and experienced leader in Kogi State. With a demonstrated track record of undertaking successful projects and initiatives, Ododo has garnered respect and admiration from his peers and constituents alike.
His ability to remain level-headed and foster unity is lauded as key attributes that Kogi State desperately needs in this period of development and transformation. Those who have worked alongside Ahmed Usman Ododo testify to his inclusive leadership style, which encompasses the principles of fairness, accountability, and transparency just like the GYB New Direction Government.
Governor Bello’s endorsement holds significant weight within Kogi State’s political scene. It is a signal to the electorate that Usman Ahmed Ododo possesses the necessary qualities to provide effective leadership and drive meaningful change within the state.
Hon Ola’s expression of gratitude for Governor Bello’s endorsement further reinforces the belief that Ododo is a deserving candidate who can successfully navigate the challenges that Kogi State faces.
This choice also describes best option for tranquility and leadership in Kogi State which underscores the significance of recognizing leaders who possess the right qualities to facilitate progress and unity. Ododo’s track record, coupled with his reputation for inclusive and accountable leadership, gives hope for a future of stability and development for Kogi State. With this endorsement, a strong message is sent to the electorate that Ododo is a candidate worthy of their consideration in the upcoming period of transformation and growth.

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