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How APC is Sinking in Kogi

by Our Reporter
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The unfolding developments towards the APC primaries has clearly shown that most of the so-called leaders are conscience dead. They are self conscious; and their ultimate consideration is self preservation. For them it is self, self and self. No considerations for the people they profess to lead. But this latest development in APC is the last straw that will break the camel’s back.

Many of us have watched the nonsense happening in the APC led Government in Kogi State from the flank for the past seven years. The ineptitude, the lack of vision, the lack of direction, lack of capacity and capability, the gangsterism in governance and most unfortunately, the plundering of the state’s resources by the present administration is most unfortunate.

Unfortunately, it is the continuation of the same situation that Yahaya Bello wants to bequeath to the state by wanting to foist one of his cronies from Kogi Central to take over from him as Governor come January, 2024.

Let it be sounded to him loud and clear, his plan is dead on arrival.
There is a new Sheriff in town; and the era of his callousness and impunity is over.

To many people, this last effort to cover up all the financial mess the state has been plunged into will not work. In fact, it is nothing but nailing the coffin of the APC in Kogi State. In a matter of months, the Sun of that party will undoubtedly set and set forever.

Then and then, the Sun will rise again to announce a new era in the State. An era that will put an end to the grip of political hawks upon the State. An era of visionary leadership that will transform the State to one of the most developed in the country. An era of purposeful leadership.
An era of economic vibrancy. An era when all the economic woes of the past seven years will witness a complete turnaround.

And to all of us, the electorate, this is the time to do away with primordial sentiments. We must all join in the struggle to ensure justice, equity and fairness.
Definitely, it must not be business as usual.

Dr. Toyin Akanle is a Retired Assistant Director General of DSS, he Writes From Isanlu

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