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I Cannot Blackmail Hon. Muritala, Kogi Governor’s Aide Rebukes Rumour Peddlers

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The Special Adviser to Kogi State Governor on Assembly Matters, Hon. Haruna Idoko has refuted rumours making the rounds that himself, “along with the Executive Chairman of Idah Local Government, told the Executive Governor of Kogi State that Hon. Muritala Yakubu, a popular Philanthropist is not from Idah Local Government.

Hon. Idoko in a statement he personally signed and made available to The Drum Reporters, described the rumour as untrue and handiwork of mischief makers, who are out to cheap Political popularity.

He advised those peddling the misleading story to desist forthwith from acts capable of breeding bitterness and disunity in the Local Government.

Read full statement below.


My attention has been drawn to an online publication by a group with the name, Coalition of Muri Network, in which, among other things, it was stated that I, along with the Executive Chairman of Idah Local Government, told the Executive Governor of Kogi State that our dear brother and philanthropist, Hon Muritala Yakubu, is not from Idah Local Government.

Ordinarily, judging from the high level of incoherence, falsehood, malice and unintelligence visible in the content, I first of all treated the publication with a wave of hand, and I chose not to give those detractors an atom of attention, but I decided to yield to genuine calls on me to react this way now.

The information, from all indications, is intended to damage the reputation God has helped me to build overtime as a humble political figure in my dear Idah Local Government and Kogi State. Unfortunately for them, they could not achieve that, given the lack of proof and logic in the whole write-up.

To set the records straight, let me inform the public and the good people of Idah that at no point in the 24 hours of any day did I have audience with the Governor along with Hon Abu Odoma for any discussion about the local government origin of Hon Muri. If anyone insists there was such a meeting, he should provide an evidence such as where such a discussion took place. I challenge my detractors to come up with a believable evidence such as the source of the information and the government official(s) before whom this discussion held.

Secondly, let me quickly remind the unsuccessful blackmailers that I and Hon Muri have had a very robust cordiality as political figures in different capacities and there has not been any grudges against each other. Now, the rational mind would ask: why would I tell the governor or any government official that Muri is not from Idah? Are we fighting over any position? No! Is our revered Hon Muri contesting any elective or any appointive position or slot in Idah? To the best of my knowledge, no! Everyone in this area knows how Hon Muritala has helped greatly in developing our area both in infrastructure and welfare of the good people of Idah.

I do not possess the evil capacity to blackmail a political personae of Muri’s status. My political orientation has been to join hands with all stakeholders at my disposal to bring home development.

If I was so myopically separatist, I would not have the series of opportunities I had to serve my people first as a councillor in my ward, a supervisor, a caretaker chairman and later, an elected chairman of my local government, a member of the State House of Assembly for a record two times, and by the grace of God today, a Special Adviser to the Governor.

Of course I know that a year penultimate election in Nigeria is usually awash with political activities, and some people go very dirty and rough.

Let me advise the detractors and authors of the misleading publication to desist from the politics of bitterness and blackmail just to win cheap favour. We should know that whatever we do on this earth, we shall all face the judgement of God at the close of every chapter.

To my brothers, sisters and all the good people of Idah Local Government, kindly disregard the publication making the rounds in the social media. I hardly join issues with people on the social media, but I am responding because of you all so that no one should fall for the blackmail. They are all lies from the devil’s hottest residence.

Your brother, Haruna Idoko Musa, has no liver to utter divisive words against anyone for any reason.

I remain your humble servant.

Haruna Idoko Musa

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1 comment

Iduh May 9, 2022 - 9:28 pm

We are hoping for better tomorrow and we dey push with courage and grace ahead sir
We know you well sir, you are very humble and calm Leader 👑
May God enlarge your coast and guide you always


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