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Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu: Arc. Salman Knows Our Problems and Has the Solutions

by Our Reporter
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By: Comr. Adebayo Kehinde


A patriotic citizen of this our very constituency, it will be a gross misconduct or an act of irresponsibility on my part to keep my eyes away from important issues that will have great effect on our people now and the next generation to come.


Recently, I made it clear that I will start revealing why it should be Arch Idris Salman that Will be entrusted with our legislative assignments in Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu federal constituency come 2023.


It’s important to state it clear that i didn’t just arrive at this conclusion without careful analysis of the situation of our constituency and the candidates contesting for the Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu House of Representative seat.


Parameters such as competency, vibrancy and good ideas are been employed in the process of my analysis to arrive at this conclusion. This piece will definitely be an introduction to the numerous reasons why we should give Arch Idris Salman the needed support to emerge.


As we all know, the bedrock or the pillar of good and effective governance lies on the effectiveness of its legislation. This very fact hence the need to commit the legislative assignments of a country in capable hands.


It’s important for our constituency to contribute our own quota to the nation’s building by electing capable hands equipped with the needed experience in order to effectively discharge our legislative assignments to the best interest of our dear constituency and the country at large.


Yes, to build a sustainable nation through legislation is important but it’s much more important for a constituency to have a representative that can incorporate the interest of his/her people at the local level to that of the nation. To achieve this, we must elect a representative that’s very articulate and charismatic enough to discharge such responsibility.


As we have seen that competency, vibrancy and been intellectually mobile are important, so also it’s important to put the candidate that knows what our dear constituency really wants into consideration. We said it should be Arc Salman Idris because he’s articulate, vibrant, experienced and also know what the problems of Owe, Bunu, Kiri, Gbede, Ijumu-oke and Ijumu-Arin are .


Arch Idris Salman knows our problems and aspirations not because he was told what they are but because he has Walked to the nooks and crannies of our constituency long before now and he’s always in touch with every parts of our dear constituency. Arc Idris Salman is ready to consolidate the past with the present to actually build a better tomorrow for our constituency. To get it right this time around, we must give our maximum supports to Arch Idris Salman on the platform of ADC.


The project is named “Tiwan Tiwan” because it’s meant for us all. Don’t be left out, let your vote count so that we can together build a better today, tomorrow and the yet to come generations.

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