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Kogi ADC in Focus: Debacle of a Mission Called Gubernatorial Primaries

by Our Reporter
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By: Obadunni Emmanuel

Its no surprise that the news of Dele Bello Williams contesting gubernatorial primary under a legal non entity of gathering no less than a village square meeting is no doubt riding on a lions back which of course is a journey to the belly of the lion.

It can be deduced that you don’t know a man well until you test him with power, among other things and as seen Dele Bello Williams poling about 12, 000 votes in the last senatorial election no doubt suddenly opens his eyes to see how great power can be which could have gingered him into thinking he can bite even better than his master….48 laws of power.

He is now as i write dancing naked to the rhythm of an unholy alliance with Kingsley Ogah, the expelled chairman of ADC kogi state in a failed attempt to upsurge the Kogi ADC members mandate freely giving to our pride, starboy, trailblazer and torch bearer Rt Hon Leke Abejide, who today is the flag bearer of our party ADC for 2023 guber election in kogi state.

The story of Dele’s journey into ADC is on my palm and his pledges before his acceptance fresh while his treacherous sadism is a message of another day.

As power is insatiable, its evident that Dele Bello is not an exception to what the proverb that says ” when the gods want to destroy a man, he first make them mad” which debacle is displayed today at Lily ground hotel Lokoja with arrays of state support as evident in the parade of security apparatus.

I state clearly and unequivocally that Dele Bello Williams has not under any guise appreciate the brilliant work done for his senatorial outing proudly championed by me and the good will God gave. He is an ungrateful entity, with an insatiable quest for power using undercurrent routes as displayed today.
To the leaders of our party who watches this young man display of disintegration, disaffection and witch hunting the powers that once fed him to please note that he is only an attention seeker, a hungary individuals and a complete sellout like Judas Iscariot.

Finally, Dele should know that its paying evil for good done him by Rt Hon Leke Abejide and surely he shall be paid in his currency in this life or here after.

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