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Kogi Monarch Kick Against Emergence Chief Areh As Obadofin of Owe Land

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The Obajemu of Oweland, who is one of the principal selectors to the stool of the Obadofin of Oweland, His Royal Majesty, Oba Michael Ibinaiye has described the purported letter signed for the emergence of one Segun Are as the Obadofin Elect of Oweland as lies from the pit of hell, stressing that he was yet to submit the report of the assignment given to him by HRM Oba Dele Owoniyi to consult Ifa Oracle when the unfortunate announcement was made.

The Drum Reporter had reported on Tuesday that  Oil Magnete, Chief Olusegun Joseph Areh Emerges Obadofin -Elect

He disclosed this in an interview with our reporter, Joseph Ajayi in his palace in Kabba, baring his mind on the lingering issues surrounding the emergence of Obadofin of Oweland.

He said he would not have bothered to dignify the news that reported that one Segun Are is now the Obadofin-Elect, without his knowledge but to keep the noble people of Oweland and reading public abreast of the true situation of things regarding the ongoing process of the emergence of Ololu of Obadofin of Oweland.

He said, having served thus far as the Obajemu of Oweland and one of the principal selectors in the community in the last eighteen years, he is not new to the process with which any Ololu will emerge in the community, stressing that he has been privileged to midwife the emergence of three ololus, that’s two Obadofin of Oweland and the incumbent Obaro of Kabba hence he cannot be said not to know what his doing or saying.

He said following the directive of HRM Oba Dele Owoniyi the Obaro of Kabba at his weekly (onKo) meeting on 28th January 2024 mandating him to look into the issues around the selection of a new Obadofin from Odolu Ruling Group with a view of resolving them and report back to him within two weeks.

“I called a meeting of the clan heads from Odolu Ruling Group being the group in turn to produce the next Obadofin of Oweland on 31st January, 2024. Also in attendance were the Head of Odolu Ruling Group, the Oba of Odolu, Oba of Gbeleko and Oba Aiyetoro Egunbe.
The meeting identified no problems within the ranks of Odolu Ruling Group but discussed the best approach to nominating a candidate seamlessly.
In the meeting a committee of two people, Oba Gbeleko and Chief Ojo Obanowe was set up to go for Ifa oracle consultations to ascertain the most suitable candidate to nominate for the vacant stool”

“I was requested to also carry out my independent findings of the most suitable candidate through divination of Ifa oracle.
We also agreed that delegates be sent to the Obaro of Kabba to plead with him to overlook whatever differences that are existing between him and Odolu Ruling Group or any candidate for that matter”

According to him, the report of the committee on consultation of Ifa oracle and his independent findings, affirmed that Chief Arokoyo Julius Ojo, Obamudi of Oweland emerge the most suitable candidate, which is in line with the report of Odolu Ruling Group screening committee, stressing that the reports generated from Ifa consultations by the committee of two, his findings and consultations with a number of stakeholders necessitated another meeting with Oke-Meta (Oweland Chiefs) on 5th February, 2024 for further analysis of the very important mandatory traditional Ifa divination in the selection of a new Obadofin of Oweland.

He noted that based on the outcome of the Ifa consultations, both Odolu Ruling Group and his consultations committee agreed that, Chief Arokoyo Julius Ojo, the Obamudi of Oweland is the most suitable for the position and therefore gave their support and approval to the report and recommendation of the screening committee of Odolu Ruling Group.

“I therefore, after due considerations and consultations fully endorse the outcome of my findings, those of the two-man Ifa consultation committee and the report of Odolu Ruling Group”

It will interest the public to note that three days into the assignment a rumor of a letter circulating round that he had  already endorsed a particular candidate emerged, pointing out that he has been on the throne of the Obajemu of Oweland and a selector for over eighteen years, how will he not know how to go about the all important assignment for the community.

“I have participated in the selection of candidates to fill two vacant stools of Obadofin of Oweland and the current Obaro of Kabba and I have witnessed grading of some chiefs and Obas in the past. I want to categorically state that I have enough experience to know the processes and procedures of nominating a candidate for the stool of an Ololu in Kabba/Oweland and wouldn’t have had anything to do with such an endorsement more so that I was still making my consultations at the time the purported letter was said to be written or signed”

“The letter should therefore be disregarded and discarded in totality” he said.

He said, we should not bastardize the rich culture and traditions of Owe people hence those of us saddled with the responsibility of protecting and promoting it should listen to the popular saying of the people of the community, pointing out that it is the community that made us Ololu (kings) hence we should allow them to choose for themselves in this Obadofin saga.

He said anyone that is not sanctioned by Owe deity cannot be Obadofin of Oweland, hence, Chief Julius Ojo Arokoyo, Obamudi of Oweland has been picked by Ifa oracle as the preferred and most suitable choice that is also sanctioned by stakeholders and majority of Owe people.

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