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Lois Foundation International, USA, Distributes Food Items To The Needy

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A Non Governmental Organization named Lois Foundation International USA, has melted the heart of many people by reaching out to the widows, orphans, single mothers and many more in this present economy situation.

Lois Foundation International USA, is an NGO set up with the sole aim of providing food stuffs, clothing, healthcare, capacity building and shelter for the poor, especially for the girl child, widows and single mothers, as they are the most vulnerable in the society.

LFI , as a way of giving back to society, visited some set of widows, orphans , single mothers and many more at a community in Durumi, Abuja, Nigeria, to shares food stuffs and other items.

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Dr. Lois Ekwe , Cameronian -American Citizen, Founder of Lois Foundation International, at outreach,appreciated her dedicated volunteers who selflessly gave their time and effort to make the charity outreach possible, noted that their hard work, enthusiasm, and commitment have not gone unnoticed.

” While today’s event marks a significant milestone for Lois Foundation USA, our journey is far from over, There are still many widows, orphans, and vulnerable individuals in our community who are in need of our support and assistance”.

“Therefore, I humbly appeal to the public for more support and collaboration with government bodies to enable us to do more and reach out to those who need us most”.

“Together, we can make a difference and create a brighter future for all, Let us join hands, collaborate, and work together towards building a more compassionate and inclusive society, we continue to inspire and uplift each other as we strive to make a positive impact in the lives of those less fortunate” she said.

The joy and happiness on the faces of the beneficiaries showed the kind gesture was well appreciated , because without missing words, there is hunger in the land.

Mrs. Elizabeth Musa, mother of three, one of the beneficiaries expressed her gratitude to Lois Foundation USA, for the charity event, said “the food items we received will go a long way in supporting me and my children, thank you for your kindness and generosity.”

Another beneficiary of the charity outreach, Halimat Suleiman “Thank you, Lois Foundation USA, for the incredible support you showed us widows and the orphans during your charity event in Nigeria. Your efforts have brought smiles to our faces and warmth to our hearts. May God bless you abundantly.”

Bello Ahmed ” Words cannot describe the joy and relief we felt when we received the food items from Lois Foundation USA. Your charity event was a lifeline for us, and we are truly grateful for your compassion and generosity.”

Titilayo Olarewaju “We are deeply thankful to Lois Foundation USA for organizing the charity event and distributing food items to the widows and orphans. Your kindness has touched our lives in ways you may never fully understand. May you continue to make a positive impact on many more lives.”

Elder Joshua Ugochinyere ” A heartfelt thank you to Lois Foundation USA for reaching out to us during your charity event in Nigeria. Your support and generosity have given us hope and encouragement during challenging times. We are truly blessed to have organizations like yours making a difference in our community.”

Lois Foundation International USA, with the mission to support government in its own way to eradicate hunger, by organizing training and give start up capital to empower the vulnerable to be self reliance, seeks support from individual to lend a helping hand to the underprivileged families and single mothers who are working hard to make earns meet .

Join Lois Foundation International USA today, to be a shoulder to the less privilege families in this hard time, to reach Lois Foundation International USA, visit : www.loisfoundationandaward .

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