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ODA Constitutes 8-Man Reform Committee

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The Okun Development Association (ODA) has constituted an eight man Committee saddled with the responsibility of initiating reforms that will move the Association and Okun land forward.


According to a statement by Amb. Akenson Rotimi President General, ODA on Tuesday, the Commissioner is to be chaired by former Secretary to Kogi State Government, Chief Shola Ojo while Prof. Mike Ikupolati, Barr Mrs Justina Abanida, Chief Mrs. Lizzy Doyin Ibikunle are members.


The rest are; Chief Mrs. Iyabo Abore, Mr. Tunde Ipinmisho, Chief Kehinde Obasaju with Prince Dayo Akanmode as Secretary.


The statement reads “The newly inaugurated National Executive Council of Okun Development Association is poised at urgently embarking on a comprehensive restructuring of its internal processes and structures to ensure that it is operating efficiently and effectively.

“This may involve streamlining decision-making processes, improving communication channels, and enhancing transparency and accountability within the Association.

“Your appointment as the Chairman of the Reform Committee signifies a significant step towards improving the effectiveness and efficiency of ODA’s NEC. With your wealth of experience in legal matters and governance, we are confident that you are well-equipped to lead the committee in its mission to reform it and ensure it meets its objectives and serves Okunland better. Your legal expertise and leadership skills will be instrumental in guiding the committee towards developing an effective and practical reform proposals that will improve the ODA’s performance and impact.

MIt further states that “Members of the committee comprises of a diverse group of individuals with expertise in various relevant areas. The members include representatives from the legal, financial, and community sectors, as well as individuals with experience in governance and organizational development. This diverse composition ensures that the committee benefits from a wide range of perspectives and insights.


The Reform Committee has been tasked with reviewing the current structure and operations of ODA to identify areas for improvement. The committee will also develop and propose strategies and initiatives to enhance the effectiveness of the ODA in delivering its services and programs to Okunland. The terms of reference of the committee will include the following, among others.

i. Identifying and addressing weaknesses in the present ODA’s structure and operations

ii. Assessing the current state of affairs within ODA and recommend necessary changes to improve its functionality and effectiveness

iii. Conduct a comprehensive review of the association’s existing legal structure, policies, and procedures. This will involve analyzing the current systems in place and identifying areas for possible improvement or refinement. By thoroughly assessing of ODA’s operations, the committee will pinpoint specific areas that require attention and develop strategic solutions to address any deficiencies.

iv. The Committee will Engage with various individuals and traditional instructions within Okunland to gather their perspectives and insights on how the ODA can better serve their needs and interests. By actively seeking input from those affected by the Association’s activities, the committee will ensure that any proposed reforms are aligned with the expectations and desires of the Okun people.

vi. Review of the existing tenure of ODA from two terms of three years to a single term of four or five years as the committee deem relevant

vi. Critically examine the vital roles of Women, Youth and Traditional institutions in the day to day running ODA

vii. Setting up key performance indicators and benchmarks to track the impact of the suggested reforms over time, the committee will look into areas of success and areas for improvement, allowing for possible adjustment of their strategies as needed

vii. The committee will look critically into the possibility of creating a detailed roadmap that will outline specific objectives, timelines, and milestones for the financial commitment and involvement of all Community Development Associations and all well meaning individuals in all the districts, towns and villages across Okunland.

With your appointment as the Chairman of this very important committee at this crucial period in the life of Okun Nation, mark with a strong mandate, a diverse and capable membership, and a clear set of objectives, it is hoped that the committee is well-positioned to drive meaningful reforms that will benefit the ODA and the Okun people it serves.

The Committee is to submit it’s report in the next 3 months.

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