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The recent general congress of the Okun Development Association held at Egbe in Yagba West Local Government area in the Kogi West senatorial district of Kogi State, Nigeria has again open up the need for Okun Nation to do a thorough soul searching, do very deep inner reflections and tremendously focus on her past, present and future situation and interests

The age long paucity of deep and sincere unity of purpose, true sense of togetherness and oneness, persistently detrimental to the overall growth and development pervading the land has again been brought to the fore to challenge every Okun sons and daughters Worldwide, What do Okun people really want.

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It is crucial that this issue is urgently addressed and reconciled to prevent further escalation of distrust, and conflicts within the Okun people I
in order to promote peace and harmony within Okunland, it is essential for all parties to come together and engage in a dialogue to address the root causes of why a sustainable unity and mutual understanding had remained elusive. This may sincerely help in fostering understanding and collaboration among different divisions and people and ensure that the overall interests of all Okun people are represented and taken into account, going forward.

It is important for the Okun Traditional fathers, Okun leaders and elders, the various community Development Associations come together and seriously work with the Okun Development Association National Executive Council to thoroughly demonstrate leadership and commitment to resolving this issue of mistrust, suspicion and lack of mutual understanding in a fair and transparent manner in the interest of our unborn children.

promoting the mantra of OKUN FIRST, respect our diversity, and help in building a stronger and more unified community that is able to work together towards common future goals and objectives. This is a sure way Okun can continue to earn her deserved respect among the committee of Nigeria Nations

The thought of any group pulling out of the Okun Development Association should never be allowed to be contemplated as it would be a concerning development and should be urgently addressed and reconciled.

By working together to address the underlying issues of lack of understanding and promote the unity that had been very fragile, Okun must overcome this challenge and move forward towards a brighter and more prosperous future.

The call for immediate intervention and reconciliation must be addressed with immediate urgency.

The withdraw of any section from the ODA will lead to a breakdown in communication and cooperation among members, hindering the progress of development initiatives in the land. It is imperative that reconciliation takes place immediately in order to mend the relationships that have been damaged and move forward towards a more cohesive and united community.

Reconciliation now is vital in this situation as it will help to rebuild trust and foster unity among the various districts of Okun. By addressing the underlying issues that led to the pulling out of any people, the community can work towards finding common ground and developing a shared vision for the future. Through open and honest dialogue, grievances can be aired, grievances can be resolved, and a new sense of solidarity can be forged.

In the absence of immediate and deep rooted reconciliation, the perceived lack of unity of purpose, political disorrientation, slow economic growth and development will only deepen and further fragmenting Okunland/Okun people and impeding progress on important development projects.

It is crucial that the National Executive Committee immediately reach out to aggrieved members and find a way forward that acknowledges the concerns of all members and seeks to create a collaborative environment for all.

The challenge of the present calls for the OKUN PEOPLE and indeed Okun Development Association to critically highlight and takes a deep breath, do a critical analysis of their past, present and future interests and situation in Kogi State and in Nigeria.

By immediately coming together to rejig, address the root causes of the age long teribly visible mistrust,suspicion, lack of political unity and understanding in Okun land and not just the aftermath 2024 National congress, sincerely seeking to entrenching deep common ground, the Okun Nation can move forward towards a more harmonious and effective partnership.

Reconciliation is essential for building a strong and cohesive Okun Nation that can work together to achieve shared goals and improve the lives of all its members.

Musa Bakare writes
from Lokoja, Kogi state

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