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Braimoh Olayinka: The Eyes Feeds First

by Felicia Awoyemi
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Coming across His Excellency, Olayinka Braimoh recently, I noticed something in him. He’s just a simple man who, but wields amazing leadership qualities residing inside him which you need not anybody to tell you.

The rays of his simplicity that very time could transcend beyond every imagination to understand who this man of the moment truly is and why he wants to govern Kogi State come November, 2023

Remember when His Excellency, the former governor of Kogi State State, late prince Abubakar Audu of blessed memory declared to vie for the post of the number one citizen of the state in 1993, won the first ‘victory’ before the crowd with his simplicity and his magnificent touch of class as governor on the state was unprecedented. However, this single attribute of simplicity would first attract people towards you before every other thing because an Hausa adage says that ”the eyes feed first before the mouth”.

Braimoh Olayinka did not stop at simplicity, he is equally equipped with integrity which is a core quality that every leader must possess. You cannot run any government successfully if you lack integrity. No matter how hard a situation, any leader with integrity inspires his leadership with his principles without compromising, thus refrain from making false promises and taking actions over personal gain.

Olayinka Braimoh from all indication is a man of honesty and transparency from his track record as Estate manager. You may know that one of the essential leadership qualities is the possession of honesty and transparency. A leader with honesty and transparency garner trust and respect from people for reliability. If you’re honest, you will equally drag transparent with you because both goes hand-in-hand. To say the least, honesty is the most valued trait for any political leader or leader in general.

On the other side of His Excellency, Olayinka Braimoh’s visionary. His well thought out manifesto is topnotch in term of Agriculture, Wealth creation, Land Administration, Culture and Tourism. A leader should be visionary and have more foresight than an employee as was quoted according to the billionaire Jack Ma.

When one reads the Kogi born technocrat and philanthropist, one will marvel at his vision to set Kogi on her right path to be a thriving state in all spheres. Visionary people work hard for the greatness of where they lead which Olayinka Braimoh unarguably represents.

As the days go by, more of this certified architect’s ability and prowess to lead Kogi will be outlined.

Abbas Yahaya
Multimedia and Investigative Journalist
Writes From Lokoja

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