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Frontline Journalist, Ocheme Congratulates Former Kogi NLC Chairman on Appointment As S.A To Governor Ododo on Labour Matters

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A Frontline Journalist, Jeremiah Ocheme has congratulated the immediate past Chairman of Nigeria Labour Congress, Kogi State Chapter on his appointment as Special Adviser on Labour Matters by Governor Ahmed Usman Ododo.


Ocheme in a congratulatory letter made available by The Drum Reporter described the appointment as apt and a step in the right direction.


READ detail letter below


My Dear Brother,

Comrade Onuh Edoka, JP.


I wish to send you my hearty congratulations on your appointment as Special Adviser on Labour Matters!


I felt so happy with a rejuvenated spirit when the news broke out. I know you too did not expect it like I do.


Your appointment is not only well deserved, it is apt, appropriate and a great match. For who you are, I know you will perform seriously.


Your expertise and dedication to improving working conditions for all will certainly have a positive impact on the labor force. I am confident that you will excel in this important role and look forward to the positive changes you will implement.


As a newly appointed Special Adviser on Labour Matters, it is important to approach your role with diligence, dedication, and a commitment to making a positive impact.


As one who has been on that corridor all the whole, I urge you to familiarize yourself with the relevant policies, regulations, and issues surrounding labor matters. Stay informed about current labor trends, challenges, and best practices.


You are aware that Kogi is almost a complete civil servant state, please, build strong relationships with key stakeholders, including labor unions, employers, government officials, and community organizations. Collaboration and communication are essential in addressing labor issues effectively.


Your ministry does not have a commissioner and that means the bulk stops on your table. Listen to the concerns and perspectives of all parties involved in labor matters. Strive to be fair, impartial, and empathetic in your decision-making process.


A lot of people will have different impressions and perceptions about your new role, don’t be distracted. Stay open-minded and be willing to adapt your approach as needed. The labor landscape is constantly evolving, and flexibility is key to finding successful solutions.


Further more, I urge you to stay focused on your ultimate goal of improving working conditions, promoting fair labor practices, and advocating for the rights of workers. Keep the well-being of workers at the forefront of your priorities.


In like manner, seek feedback from colleagues, mentors, and other experts in the field. Continuous learning and professional development will only enhance your effectiveness as a Special Adviser.


Remember, your role as a Special Adviser on Labour Matters is a vital one that can make a meaningful difference in the lives of workers. Embrace this opportunity with enthusiasm, integrity, and a passion for positive change.


You very well that I am behind you solidly in anything you are doing that is good. On this, I am with you to give you support.


Good luck in your new position! Best wishes on this new chapter of your career.

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