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Kogi Assembly lawmakers Decry Increased Rate of Moral Decadence

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The member representing Dekina Biraidu in the Kogi State House of Assembly Hon. Ochidi Usman Shehu has decried the increasing rate of moral decadence in Nigeria society.

Hon. Shehu disclosed this on Saturday during the Quranic graduation of his Children held in Lokoja.

The Lawmaker while expressing his delight at the event stressed that it was one of the teachings of the holy Quran that, parents enroll their Children in Quranic education.

He decried the misconception making the rounds that Quranic education disrupts Western education.

Explaining further, Hon. Shehu said “This is not true. My Child Aisha is in the 200 level at the university. During her West Africa Examination, (WAEC) she got six distinctions and three credits. Meanwhile, she was in Quranic school. It rather enhances children’s in other activities. It guides them morally, as it has positive impacts on them. With what I have seen so far, I am delighted and fulfilled. Whatever activities on earth, both dead and alive, are inside the Quran.

On how society has gotten it wrong, Hon. Shehu stated that” it is not possible like this child that graduated from this Quranic school today to join the cult, take hard drugs or engage in immoralities. It is unfortunate.

“They already know the consequences as it is stated in the holy Quran. As a parent, I would advise, that we must do our best irrespective of our religion to teach our Children morality so that it will reduce what they are calling civilization where people are committing crimes, and coming out naked all in the name of fashions.

Corroborating the positions of his colleague, the member representing Igalamela Odolu State Constituency in the Kogi State House of Assembly noted that, if something urgently is not done, the country might be at the mercy of miscreants, hoodlums, and enemies of the State.

While describing the occasion as time because of the increasing anomalies in the system, Hon Major opined that there is a need for collective efforts from both parents and relevant stakeholders to bring back sanity into Nigerian society.

“It is a very glorious Occasion as far I am concerned because Children are supposed to be taught the good virtues of life and living so that society can be better. It is spiritual training because both Christians and Muslims need to undergo this kind of training at a young age so that society can be better. I encourage this kind of training for both Muslims and Christians at home”.

He called on parents to relentlessly irrespective of their religion to bring up their Children spiritually for a better society for all..

Continuing, the serving eighth Assembly lawmaker said “The things that we saw in the past especially those of us who are youths in the early 80s never saw the kind of moral decadence we are witnessing today.

“It is a global problem. Like I always say, we have Western influence over our culture and influence in Africa. We never knew anything about kidnapping or some of these social vices then. But when we began to watch films from the West, this thing began to rub on our children and they began to get attracted to some of this quick way of making money.

” I want to believe that, it is because we relent as parents to give them spiritual backing or teachings like this that we began to lose them. Just like my colleague Hon Ochidi is doing today, if all parents are doing like this relentlessly, I want to believe that, the battle between light and darkness will be won for us to correct our society”.

On his part, Idah Local Government Chairman, who doubles as Chairman of the Occasion Hon. Abu Odoma said building up Children with a solid foundation will bring a better society.

He prayed that the newly graduated students would be useful to society adding that, Islam remains a religion of peace.

Speaking earlier, on the importance of impacting the Quran in the life of Children, the Chief Imam of Gadumo Abdullahi Muhammed congratulated Hon. Ochidi for what almighty Allah has done for his family, noting that, studying Quran brings about multiple blessings in any family.

The Islamic cleric maintained that, anyone who is a companion of the Quran, will be more contended and address some of the problems facing society today

According to him, those causing chaos in society are not working by the holy Quran, adding that, the holy book preaches love, peace, holiness, and orderliness.

He charged parents to always encourage their wards to study the Quran stressing that, the holy book contains things that are in line with the practice of Islam.


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