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Kogi NUJ Cry Out as Families Pay N15,000 Electricity Bill, Condemns Outrageous Bills by AEDC

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The Nigerians Union of Journalists Kogi State Council has observed the unbridled attitude of the Abuja Electricity and Distribution Company (AEDC) in doling out outrageous monthly bills to customers, especially in Lokoja, the Kogi State Capital without a commensurate service rendered to the customers.


The Council in a statement issued by the Chairman, Comrade Adeiza Momoh Jimoh and the Secretary Ademu Seidu Haruna and made available to newsmen on Tuesday noted that this attitude started between August – September 2022 when there was a noticeable slight improvement in the electricity supply within the lokoja metropolis which AEDC hurriedly latched on to increase the monthly bills from the usual ₦3,000- ₦4,000 per building to ₦6,000- ₦8,000.


The union noted that by October, AEDC in its usual attitude without putting into consideration the biting economic situation in the country and the ability of customers to pay, again increased the bill to ₦11, 700.


The union said it’s killing for an average family to pay an N15,000 electricity bill in a country where the minimum wage is N30,000.


“Responding to the cry and barrage of complaints from members of the public, and in fulfilling our social responsibility mandate of being the Mirror and Watchdog of the society, members of the union decided to seek enquiry with the organization as to why the rash increase of the bill are being orchestrated without a corresponding service.


To our utter dismay, no official of the AEDC in the state was willing to furnish us with information about this abysmal increase, rather the monthly bills keep on increasing astronomically such that the January monthly bills rose to #14,700 while the latest February bill has also been jerked up to ₦15, 300.

“This is even though the electricity supply has dropped drastically between eight to ten hours a day to a miserable three to four hours a day and in most cases some areas in the state capital experience a total outage for days or weeks without any explanation from the distribution company while the bills keep on running.


“The union also observed that the AEDC flagrantly refused to make available the Pre Paid Metres to members of the public even when payments had been made but rather took delight in giving out a blanket monthly outrageous bills to its customers without even reading the metres.

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