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Race to Lugard House 2023: Olayinka Braimoh, The David On A Special Mission to End The Reign of Goliath in Kogi

by Our Reporter
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If you’ve ever wondered whether God can use you for His glory, you need not look any further than the story of David and Goliath. Yes, David was a small shepherd boy, who spent much of his boyhood tending his family’s flock while Goliath, in the other hand, was an enormous giant and dreaded warrior feared by everyone such that he was always looking forward to wars. Killing was the only thing he knew how to do best and no one ever dared him and come back alive until David miraculously ended his reign of terror.

Comparatively, It is no longer news that the Action Alliance (AA) Candidate for the November 11 election in Kogi State, Otunba Olayinka Braimoh has shown enough capacity, courage and readiness to lead the state out of poverty. His blueprint which dwells primarily on wealth creation, will no doubt, eradicate poverty and usher in prosperity in the state. In the context of this piece, Braimoh is the David of our time while the combination of poverty, maladministration, insecurity and other economic woes threatening our existence, as a people, can be collectively regarded as Goliath.

The victory over Goliath was brought by God, which is a powerful call to remember that victory is not of ourselves but of the God Almighty. Olayinka Braimoh has always told us that he doesn’t have any form of political ambition but just like the biblical David, who was given an assignment, by God, to terminate the existence of Goliath, Olayinka is also on an assignment to terminate the reigns of poverty, maladministration, insecurity and others which are the primary causes of our economic backwardness in Kogi State

The story of David and Goliath reminds us of the words of holy book, “‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit.” When you are given an assignment, you don’t worry about how the task will be achieved because the sender will definitely equip you with everything you will need to handle the assignment and that’s why the wealth creation agenda of Olayinka Braimoh has been strategically equipped with the objectives of STAT (Solid minerals, Tourism, Agriculture and Trade) needed to get the needful done.

I have heard people talking about structure! Conventionally, this would have been a major issue but God, who asked Olayinka Braimoh to come out this time around knows fully well that the structure needed by him is not that of his party alone but the collective efforts of everyone feeling the pangs of maladministration, intimidation and poverty in the state.

Only those not felling these economic challenges in Kogi State will not support the candidacy of Olayinka Braimoh. God knows about all these before asking him to contest through a virtually unknown party but as we all awaited the November 11 election in the state, it is crystal clear to everyone that it is beyond tribal, religious and political party’s affiliations because just like Goliath that was dreadful and inimical to the growth of Israel, poverty has also been established as our common enemy in Kogi State. It knows no party, religion or tribe and the best solution is for everyone to join hands with Olayinka Braimoh to usher in prosperity.

David proved himself to be a worthy successor to the throne of Israel. He did not hesitate to run into battle and defend Israel, showing his worthiness to rule. He relied on God and helped to save Israel in an unexpected way. Olayinka Braimoh has also come out boldly, proving himself to be a worthy successor to the exalted seat in Lugard House. He is already showing us that he is the best candidate by telling us, through every available means, the “what and how” to get us out of the doldrum to the promised land.

It is always dangerous to underestimate anybody. David was underestimated but with the grace of God, the size of Goliath was nothing to him, his determination, courage, commitment and absolute faith in God saw him through to a resounding success. These are the same qualities seen in Olayinka Braimoh that distinguishes him from others and whatever comes may, he is, by His grace, our next Governor in Kogi state.

Let’s join hands with Olayinka Braimoh to liberate and revive Kogi State and we shall, together, live happily ever after.

Musa Olumayowa Yakubu (MOY), an apostle of good governance writes from Lokoja.

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