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Kogi CJ Renovates Abandoned Official Residence, Takes Delivery of 10 New SUVs For Judicial Officers

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The era of Chief Judges operating from their personal homes has finally come to an end in Kogi State, no thanks to the combined efforts of the present Chief Judge and the state government.

Hon. Justice Josiah Joe Majebi, the Chief Judge of the state, moved into the official residence of the Chief Judge of the state located at the GRA in Lokoja, the state capital, after recovering and rehabilitating it.

An extremely joyous atmosphere pervaded the house and its environment when it became known to some staff of the Judiciary who visited upon hearing the delightful good news.

This is informed by the fact that the residence was long abandoned until its recovery and renovation under the watch of the present CJ who parked in immediately.

It will be recalled that following the demise of the late Chief Judge of the state, Hon. Justice Nasiru Ajanah, in June 2020,
the residence suffered abandonment.

It subsequently deteriorated gradually into shambles and got completely dilapidated with miscreants making unholy accommodation out of it.

However, the inherited distasteful and unacceptable nature of the edifice that accommodates a main building, boys’ quarter and security lodge, with vast open space for parking, and elegantly located around the Government House, met a resistance in Hon. Justice Majebi’s intolerance for indecency upon assumption of office as the Chief Judge of the state.

He quickly switched into action and the renovation of the building began in earnest not too long after his swearing-in.

Speaking with his lordship at the residence, he said the official residence of the Chief of Kogi State is a symbol of the entire judiciary of the state which must always be kept in a decent state to maintain the integrity of the judicial arm of government.

According to him, the structure he met on ground wasn’t reflective of the true picture of the Judiciary in his integrity-restoration drive and had to call for its immediate recovery and renovation.

He was therefore appreciative of Governor Yahaya Bello, for his prompt response in providing fund for the holistic renovation which was carried out at the lodge and according to stipulated standard.

He further disclosed that in a related development, he has taken delivery of 10 SUV cars from the state government meant for Judges and Kadis who are about to be appointed for the state judiciary.

While also thanking the governor for the vehicles he as well appreciated him for ensuring the provision of official residences for the potential Judges, which he said have already been furnished, just as he added that the renovation of their courts would soon commence.

He concluded by stating that the state was adequately prepared to boost its bench at the High Court, Sharia and Customary Courts of Appeal levels even as he was gladdened that the support from the state government made it possible for all NJC requirements for Judges’ appointment to be available and for which he was extremely grateful.

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