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Kogi East APC Pledges Allegiance To Party, Gov. Ododo

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Just a few days after celebrating his first 100 days in office, stakeholders from Kogi East of the All Progressives Congress (APC) have expressed unwavering support for Governor Usman Ahmed Ododo, reiterating their commitment to the party.


Known as the APC Critical Stakeholders, this group from the eastern part of Kogi, the Confluence state, emphasized that the APC remains vibrant in Igala land.

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During a media briefing in Abuja with selected journalists, the group highlighted the strong presence of the APC in the eastern senatorial zone, covering nine local government areas. They pledged to maintain the party’s influence and voice throughout the region.


“APC is the party we call our own, and we pledge our absolute loyalty to its leadership under His Excellency, Alhaji Usman Ododo,” the group declared.


The group consists of the former minister of state for Labour, Prof Stephen Hussein ,General Patrick Akpa (RtD), former senator Dangana, Hon. Bala Zekeri and Hon Moses Abdullahi, has its media chat anchored by Prof Isah Dan.


‘Prof’ Dan Isah, speaking at the event, stressed the importance of massive grassroots engagement to bolster the party’s membership in the eastern part of the state.


“We shall continue to engage with our members at the grassroots level, particularly in the Igala-speaking areas, to expand our membership through strategic sensitization, enlightenment, and advocacy,” he explained.


“As critical stakeholders, it is necessary to come together to adopt what I described as an ‘operational political victory module’ so that we can come out victorious in subsequent and future elections.”


“In achieving what is before us and to consolidate our party on ground, we need an interface with Gov. Ododo for possible directive and feedback.”


Professor Stephen Ochene, former state Minister of Labour, assessed Governor Ododo’s administration in terms of labor welfare and service improvement. He commended the governor for his prompt and full payment of salaries.


“Worker’s welfare is crucial for a productive workforce, and I am pleased that Governor Ododo has maintained a commendable record of prompt salary payment and for not owing workers’ salaries so far.”


Former Senator Emmanuel Ocheja also discussed the party’s prospects for future elections, especially given the current stiff opposition. He praised Governor Ododo’s inclusive approach, reaching out even to those outside the APC.


“Governor Ododo has been proactive and inclusive in his governance, which bodes well for our party’s future,” he remarked.


“Ododo has begun his stewardship on a very good footing.”


“He has started visiting top political stakeholders across the different parties in the state, like the former governor Ibrahim Idris and former governor Idris Wada among others.


“He is bringing people together and reconciling even the warring factions in Kogi and we welcome and encourage him to keep on with what he has started.


“If he continues with what he is doing now, there will not be any other party in Kogi but APC,” he said.


Also speaking, Hon Bala Zakari, a stakeholder blamed the depletion of the membership of the party on the crises that came with the victory of the party at the Nov. 16 2023 governorship election in the state.


“There are a lot of defections from the party after the election.


“So, we are coming together to help our party; to help our government and remobilise, sensitize, and talk to our people.”


“This is so that those who defected from the party will come back and for those who were not our members before to join us. This is because APC is a progressive democratic party,” he said.




General Patrick Akpa, a retired military general, commented on the state’s security under Governor Ododo’s leadership.



“Security challenges are not unique to Kogi State; they are nationwide. However, I am grateful for how the governor and his team have managed security issues, including making strategic visits to areas prone to security threats and immediate rescue of the recently adopted students,” he said.


Honorable Moses Abdullahi proposed innovative strategies to attract more members to the party, emphasizing the importance of genuine consultation and proper realignment.



“Many of those currently advocating for opposition parties were once part of us. They use catchy slogans as a deceptive tactic to sway our people.


“However, we believe many are merely on a temporary leave from our party and will soon return to the fold,” he asserted, highlighting the transient nature of political allegiances.”


The group promised to continue working towards the success of the party under the leadership of governor Ahmed Ododo and the leadership of the party at national level.

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