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Monopolization and Cannibalization Of Power In Kogi State: Olayinka Braimoh, A Perfect Alternative

by Our Reporter
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With all sense of modesty, monopolization of power by the two major political parties in Kogi State, APC & PDP has taken away the beauty of democracy in the State.

Consequently, leaders of these parties ended up cannibalizing power to such an extent that the masses, who should have been in charge are suffering the direct consequences of this unholy act. Our people have not really enjoyed good governance since 1991 when the State was created. Infact, one would be right to say that the situation goes from bad to worse with regards to successive administrations, meaning that the older we get, the worse our conditions politically, economically and otherwise.

The dreams of our heroes past have been put into reverse gear and only someone with a positive, progressive and befitting template can get us out of the doldrum.

Lets be frank, Kogi has no reason to be poor because:
1) The State has a land size of about 29,833 km² which is bigger than the entire size of the 5 Southeastern States with a collective land size of 29, 389 km² but the question is what have we achieved with that?

2) Confluence Position: The two biggest and longest rivers in Nigeria (River Benue & Niger) meets in Kogi State which gives us the Confluence status but the question is, what have we done with it?

3) Mineral Resources: The State is believed to have been specially loved by God, having being reported as the State with the second largest deposit of Mineral Resources after Nasarawa State. The same question is still begging for an answer, what have we done with these resources?

4) Tourism: We are also blessed with some natural artifacts, materials and human resources good enough to give us financial prosperity in terms of tourism opened to both local and international markets. The question remains, what have we been able to get out of this?

5) Geographical Location – The State is centrally located and as a result has been seen as the heart of the country. It shares boundaries with not less than 10 other States which should, ordinarily, serve as the business hub of the nation. Unfortunately, No administration has been able to tap into and harness this rare gifts of nature because of technical-know-how of our leaders

The list is endless and unfortunately, the monthly allocation from the federal government has cheaply diverted the the attentions of successive administrations from reasoning towards harnessing these rare opportunities and blessings that can catapult our growth and development to such an enviable level in the league of successful and progressive states in Nigeria. The privileged drivers of the State have not seen a reason to tap into any or all of the above which would have grown the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) far and beyond our monthly share of FAAC and by extension, turn the state from poor to a wealthy status.

Happily and against the forgoing, Engr. OLAYINKA BRAIMOH is not just an Aspirant for the exalted position into Lugard house but going by his antecedents and plans for the state, he deserves to be supported by all irrespective of political affiliations because he has the magic wand to turn the pitiable situation of the State to an unparalleled/unmatched prosperity. How?

1) He is a Wealth Creator – “Nemo dat quod non habet” (What you don’t have, you can’t give). This analogy can be better explained when compared to the wise saying that when someone promised to give you clothes, the status/quality of clothes he is wearing must first be considered. In his chosen career, OLAYINKA has been able to manage his business profitably. No wonder, he won the last Real Estate CEO of the Year (2022) in Nigeria. Only a determined and focused player can achieve this feat in such a highly competitive industry which is being controlled by the few bigwigs of the society.

A Philanthropist: Engr OLAYINKA BRAIMOH has, from time immemorial, through his humanitarian organization, Good People Movement, been discredited supporting the masses of Kogi State without the attendant funfair that comes with such initiatives in this part of the world. He recently donated the sum of Ten Million Naira Only (N10,000,000.00) to a community in the State. So also relieve materials worth millions of naira to those affected by rainstorm. These and other humanitarian supports services will be unveiled in due course.

Youthfulness and Usefulness – Against the general observed unproductive youthful exorbirance of fortunate youths at the helms of affairs, OLAYINKA has shown, through his success stories and unmatched humility that to be youthful is to be useful and not the other way round

Integrity: A leader without this quality can never be trusted no matter his or her status in the society. Engr OLAYINKA BRAIMOH is not just humble and hardworking but also transparent and this singular act has earned him an unquantifiable level of trust among his associates in the real estate, mining sector and beyond.

These and others not here mentioned are the reasons why OLAYINKA should be trusted with power. Lest we forget, management of Kogi’s affairs has gone beyond party’s affiliations/structures because this singular act has set the State 20 years backward. It should be based on capacity and capability to deliver. It should be a personality war anchored on pedigree and antecedents of political actors interested in managing the State’s affairs.

As we move closer to the State’s governorship election coming up in November this year, it is our believe that Kogites shall get to understand better why their mandates should be given to Engr OLAYINKA BRAIMOH who is contesting under the umbrella of Alternative Alliance Party (AA)

Through OLAYINKA BRAIMOH, We shall get it right this time around.

Musa Olumayowa Yakubu, FCIB, ACE Writes From Lokoja.

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