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X-raying Ododo’s First 100 Days in Office, Arise TV, and The Questionable Position of Okun Elites

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By: Musa Olumayowa Musa

The first 100 days of the Ododo administration have sparked discussions and series of unanswered questions across the nation, with particular focus on a report from Arise TV that has raised concerns over the unfortunate state of affairs in Kogi State.

It is worth noting that the Okun people of Kogi State, a sub-ethnic group within the Yoruba tribe, are widely regarded as one of the most educated groups in Nigeria, boasting over 550 professors. Given this reputation for education, one would expect the Okuns in Kogi West senatorial district to be the major drivers of the state’s political landscape.

However, this has not been the case, as we have consistently supported the emergence of governors from the Igalas and Ebiras, the two other major tribes in the state. As a result, we have been unable to produce a governor for over three decades. Doesn’t this necessitate a thoughtful contemplation?

The recent gubernatorial “selection rather than election” in 2023 further highlighted the challenges we face. The immediate past governor, Yahaya Bello, orchestrated a blatant act of political manipulation by handpicking his successor, Usman Ododo, from the same local government area. Unfortunately, the Okun elites once again rallied behind this misconduct. It is disheartening to see that despite our education and exposure, we continue to present ourselves as second-class citizens. We were even better off under the old Kwara state. If I may ask, what is the purpose of education without a clear direction?

Overall, the Ododo administration’s first 100 days in office have brought to light the need for the Okun elites to reassess their role in shaping the political landscape of Kogi State. It is time for us to break free from the shackles of a generational curse and assert our rightful place as educated individuals within the state. Don’t you think that posterity will not forgive us if we don’t make concerted effort towards positively changing the narrative now?

How can we explain the stance of certain prominent Okun elites who openly expressed their support for and actively worked for Ododo during the 2023 governorship election, and then proceeded to celebrate Ododo’s 100 days in office, which has caused national embarrassment to all the well-intentioned citizens of the state, as publicly reported by Arise TV?

It is no longer a secret that many of the events touted as Ododo’s achievements in his first 100 days in office are not only embarrassing but also clearly demonstrate that Ododo is not suitable for the position and is a misfit.

However, this should not come as a surprise, as he was never adequately prepared for the role and was merely thrust into it as a figurehead to cover up the wrongdoings and illegal activities of his predecessor, Yahaya Bello.

We all witnessed what happened when the EFCC attempted to arrest Yahaya Bello after he refused to comply with the agency’s invitation to give an account of his tenure in office. Should the educated and well-exposed Okun elites be endorsing such leadership misconduct? Is this truly reflective of the values of education?

While expressing gratitude to Arise Television for exposing the unfortunate so-called achievements of Ododo’s government, I would like to fearlessly and impartially advise the Okun elites to deeply contemplate (Okun ronú) the best approach to ending this curse and working towards a better Okun nation.

It is crucial that we prevent a situation where people begin to insult the collective sensibility of Okun people due to inactions of some few elites. When you watch the Arise TV report in this regard and deeply think about the public perception on Okun’s elite who went as far as placing adverts on national newspapers commending the unfortunate 100 days of Ododo in office, you will be forced to question our exposure level with an overly contrast disposition?

I would also like to extend my appreciation to the newly appointed executive of the Okun Development Association (ODA), who have recognized the stagnation in Okun’s political and economic progress and have taken a commendable step by establishing a committee tasked with the responsibility of revitalizing our lost glory. We have no choice but to work together to change the story for the better. I pray for the committee’s success and for their recommendations to be implemented. Do you not agree that our very existence as a people will be compromised if the current state of affairs continues?

Let us all reflect on the situation, Okun ronu o!

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