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2023 Kogi Governorship Election: Allow Yagba West Assembly Member To Breath and Make Impact

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The forthcoming governorship election In kogi State has been generating series of political alliance and ratification among various interests groups and political blocks.

In accordance to their constitutional rights and privileges prominent politicians across political divides have since been exercising their rights to freedom of association by forming alliance with candidates and parties that can best serve their interest.

Therefore honourable Ibikunle Idowu A.K.A Kuli is not exempted from exercising his own rights in this regard by rooting support Governor Yahaya Bello’s candidate Alhaji Usman Ododo of All Progressive Congress party APC despite being an elected member of the opposition African Democratic Congress ADC in kogi State House of Assembly.

It’s imperative for the self acclaim supreme Lord of ADC from Yagba federal Constituency to recognize this fact and give Hon Ibikunle breathing space to support the candidate of his choice without intimidation nor molestation.

Haven’t been a long standing politician from Yagba federal Constituency with track records of strong political influence and capacity, Hon Ibikunle stands at a vantage position to lead the people of his Constituency on the right choice of candidate for Kogi Governorship Election.

The incumbent house of Assembly Member from Yagba West State Constituency and the house minority leader has gained good reputation and experience in the field of politics to make good and informed decision on whom he and his team of followers should align with for the Governorship Election in the state.

Being a principal officers of the State House of Assembly Hon Ibikunle, Idowu Kuli understands how to go along with other legislatures to lobby for good projects from the executive arms of government for the benefits of the people he represents.

He deserves the right to make his impacts on the political landscape of Yagba West local government area without continuous struggle under a domineering leader of the ADC.

He deserves to use this opportunity to foster sound and robust relationship with the governor of the state Alhaji Yahaya Bello’s and the candidate of his Party for the coming Governorship election.

As a matter of exigences , Hon Ibikunle Idowu should be allowed to exercise his political freedom of association in order for him to attracts as many as possible streams of meaningful projects and development to his Yagba West State Constituency

Clearly speaking, the cheap and unjustifiable intimidation and campaign of Calumny against Him by the so called controllers of ADC in Yagba land should be stopped immediately in the collective interest of of Yagba people.


Temitope Phillip a concern Patriot of Yagba West writes from Lokoja

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