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Group Asks Kogi SSG To Sue Ijele For Cyber Bullying

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A women group under the auspices of Forum for Women In Politics, Leadership and Governance has asked the Secretary to Kogi State Government, Mrs. Folashade Ayoade to sue one Isaiah Davies Ijele for alleged cyber bullying her image on his post of Facebook page and in some quarters of online Media.


The Group while reacting to a publication allegations titled “Unveiling The Mask: The Controversial Role Of Dr. Folashade Arike Ayoade Exposed” described the allegations as unfounded and a clear demonstration of Ijele and and his faceless sponsors of their ignorance and short memories of the running of Government, urging her to approach a competent court to seek redress.


Coordinator of the Group, Khadijat A. Suleiman in a statement noted that the excellent performance of the SSG in the 8 years of the immediate past administration necessitated her Reappointment by the Governor Ododo led government.

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It directed Ijele to with immediate effect tender a public apology or the Group will drag him to Court should the SSG refuses due to a kindhearted nature.

Read full statement below

The attention of The Forum for Women In Politics, Leadership and Governance has been drawn to the lies told against one of our in an unhealthy article titled “Unveiling The Mask: The Controversial Role Of Dr. Folashade Arike Ayoade Exposed” written by one I.D Ijele.


It would have been needless giving any attention to this article but for the purpose of putting the records straight and for the avoidance of misleading innocent readers on the internet as well as for the sake of public interest, bearing in mind that the personality the article intends to incite against the public, is a highly respected public servant with sterling records of excellence, it has become imperative for our forum to respond accordingly to the hidden face(s) and hand(s) behind such a misleading article against one of our own.


Excellence begets more responsibility and this is no doubt, one of the reasons why Mrs Folashade Arike Ayoade, Ph.D, enjoyed the honour of serving as a two tenure Secretary to Kogi State Government under the leadership and administration of His Excellency, Alhaji (Dr.) Yahaya Bello, the forth Executive Governor of Kogi State. Her loyalty to both the Leader of the State and the People of Kogi State coupled with her diligence to duty, commitment to service delivery and professionalism in public administration, has further earned her the opportunity again, to serve as the incumbent Secretary to Kogi State Government under the leadership and Administration of His Excellency, Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo, the fifth Executive Governor of Kogi State. This has glaringly left her announced as the longest serving Secretary to Kogi State Government (SSG) as well as the most senior SSG in Nigeria.


Our forum understands that the main intent of Mr. Ijele and all those he is obviously speaking on their behalf, are worried at the state of high commitment and loyalty that Mrs Folashade gives to her principal and the people of Kogi State too. Well, the disappointment here is that “Mrs Folashade Ayoade will not for any reason lower the percentage of her loyalty to her principal and the people of Kogi State to ninety nine percent (99%). The loyalty will maintain its status quo of hundred percent (100%) and counting.


Part of Mr Ijele’s article which reads thus; “Dr. Folashade Arike Ayoade, The Secretary to the State Government of Kogi State (SSG) had been at the forefront of needless spendings for a State that cannot provide the least social services to the people. All our public secondary schools and primary schools are nothing to write about. The same person overseeing the payment of such money from the state treasury for Bello’s children school fees paid till 2035. “ is not just misleading but also inciting and in clear terms, we vehemently condemn this in its entirety. This is because never has there been a time that the former governor made any transaction for such purpose from the State coffer. Hence, we caution Mr. Ijele to tender written apology or may have to contend with us in a legal suit for incitement and false accusations on the personality of our member who we hold to a high esteem.


Our Forum is bothered to really ask whether Mr. I.D Ijele resides in Kogi State or cares to travel round the State to see in person the state -of-the-art infrastructural development the government has erected across the nine federal constituencies in the State. The rehabilitation and reconstruction of schools across the 239 wards in Kogi State. The establishment of two State universities; Kogi State University, Kabba, and Confluence University of Science and Technology, Osara. The GYB model science schools etc. The building and equipping of modern day hospitals across the State.


It is not wrong for the people to ask for more from the government but acting blind to the efforts of the government in ensuring that social amenities are made available at all cost for the people, should be condemned. In this case, it is not wrong to say that Mr Ijele is deliberate in his blindness.


Our Forum is out to uphold the commendable virtues of our members in public offices and affairs, leadership and, in governance. We won’t tolerate anything short of this to any of our members.


From part of the statement of Mr. Ijele which reads; “She held the SSG position for 8 years under Bello, and now again Under the Kakistocracy of ODODO’S government.”, it is evident enough that the writer alongside his cohorts are envious of the commendation records of Mrs Ayoade to have served as SSG for the last 8 years and still counting.


Well, if Mr. Ijele has ever been privilege to come across this statement “Loyalty is a woman”, then he should be fully abreast with the fact that Mrs Ayoade’s loyalty to her principal and the people of Kogi State is topnotch and best rated as 100%.


On a final note, our Forum is pleased to say that Mrs Ayoade is one of our biggest pride not just in Kogi State but in Nigeria. Hence, our vote of confidence is with her. This is as a result of her diligence, stewardship, discipline, competence, loyalty and commitment to her duties as a public servant of great repute.

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