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Olayinka Braimoh Is My Birthday Gift to Kogi Electorate

by Our Reporter
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Whenever a child is born, there will be joy in the family and community with various messages and gifts of felicitation.

Such day is usually remembered annually in appreciation to God for the gift of life because He giveth and taketh it (life)

My birthday was quietly marked on the 15th of August without the usual funfair that comes with such events. Even though, there was nothing serious about the celebration but the euphoria among some closed young people and family members was beyond expectations.

So, I thought to myself that the best way to reciprocate this kind gesture of Almighty Allah back to my dear Kogi electorate is to present a man of proven integrity, who is well equipped to create wealth for the people of my dear State if elected in the next Governorship election.

This man is Otunba Olayinka Braimoh, the Action Alliance (AA) Governorship Candidate. This gift will last a lifetime.

Consequently, I came to a conclusion that the best gift a good father or leader should give to his children or followers is that of a secured future. It’s crystal clear that Kogi youths are presently living in a state of despair and needs immediate solution to ameliorate this cankerworm bedeviling them. The November 11 governorship election in the state will, to a large extent, determines the fates of a sizeable numbers of young people across the state for the next four years. This is the singular reason the totality of this set of people have to be delibrate in fighting for their survivals by using the only weapon (PVC) at their disposal to vote massively for a youthful and useful candidate, Olayinka Braimoh, who possess below rare qualities;

1) Clear and Actionable Blueprint

The 2023 governorship election in Kogi state goes beyond personal aggrandizement, party, religious or tribal affiliation. It is about the candidate with the right solution to our collective challenges of poverty and maladministration. This is one of the criteria that qualifies Olayinka Braimoh, the Action Alliance (AA) Party’s flag bearer as the best because his wealth creation (STAT) agenda is what is needed to move from a consuming to a producing state. With adequate implementation of the agenda, unemployment will be drastically reduced as most of the youths will be gainfully employed through the four cardinal points of the STAT agenda (Solid minerals, Agriculture, Tourism and Trade)

2) Capacity Building

It is no longer news that Olayinka Braimoh’s has strategically and progressively changed the face of politics in Kogi State. Unlike like the primitive ways we are familiar with, he has demonstrated enough capacity through over one hundred town hall meetings across the state, exposing and telling us that the solutions to our problems are right within the state. He has clearly shown that dependence on the monthly federal allocation will keep us perpetually in bondage until we develop the gifts of nature we have in the state. He however made us to understand that this cannot be achieved except through visionary leadership which, of course, he has brought to lead us from poverty to prosperity. The youths are now better informed that, with Olayinka Braimoh at the helms of affairs, the hope of a better and assured future is not in doubt.

3) Good Governance

It is an open secret that most of the political parties in the state especially, the old and presumed big ones started crashing with their members running around for save haven after their primaries. The reason being that the presumed winners either forcefully hijacked the primaries or there was non at all but names were just written and forwarded to INEC by the powers that be. Unlike these kangaroo’s primaries which invariably scattered the parties, Olayinka Braimoh’s emergence as the flag bearer of Action Alliance (AA) party did not just introduce the new party to the state but has strengthened it such that members of the old parties are trooping and joining Action Alliance on daily basis in the state.

Above is a pointer to show us that if Olayinka Braimoh can build a relatively unknown party to a force to reckon with in the state, it is a confirmation of the fact that he will invariably build Kogi state from her present pitiable condition to an enviable position among other states in the country.

4) Acceptability

Among all the candidates jostling to become the governor of the state come November 11, only Olayinka Braimoh has no stained political records. Almost all the other candidates have been privileged to serve in public offices and have abused the rare privilege. While some were as a result of mismanagement or cases of corruption against them, others have been identified with uncontrollable pride and high handedness. Olayinka Braimoh is a successful entrepreneur who has been able to manage his business empire profitably. He has no record of public service let alone having any stained record of such. Rather, he will bring his successful private practice to bare.

5) Youth Friendly And Most Appealing

Even though, he is about the youngest among the candidates, his brilliance, unparalleled humility and readiness to serve distinguishes and sets him apart from the other candidates. His youthful but matured dispositions makes him more endearing and appealing to the youth. The genres, who are always resolute to get whatever they want at all cost believes that Olayinka Braimoh as one of them and are more comfortable with him as their next governor.


While thanking everyone for your birthday wishes, let it be known that the most important thing in our state now is the November 11 governorship election and it is an established fact that the youths suffers the negative effects of maladministration than other categories of the citizens. This is why we must be delibrate to fight a just course by ensuring the enthronement of Olayinka Braimoh as the next governor of the state. He is not just youth friendly but has the best blueprint that will give everyone of us an assured future.

May Olayinka Braimoh survive! 

May Kogi youth survive!! 

May Kogi state survive!!! 

Musa Olumayowa Yakubu (MOY), An Apostle of good governance writes from Lokoja.

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