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Why Kogi West/Okun Should Vehemently Reject 3rd Class Position

by Our Reporter
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By J.O. Abel-Ontop

It is important for the people of Kogi West to vehemently reject the role of 3rd Class Citizen that is being sold to them by strangers (Kogi Central and Kogi East) of the region.

I observe pitifully with dismay how some indigents of Kogi West accept the gullible joker that they are the most under-populated region in the State. That even a chunk of, or bulk votes from them cannot deliver a Governor in a gubernatorial contest.

It is appalling!

Kogi West (Lokoja) arguably is the first capital of Nigeria and also the host of the entire Kogi State, hosting the State Capital in Lokoja. Which by implication, it is not only the Political Headquarters of the State, also the Economic Capital and emerging Economic Hub of North Central Nigeria if all resources are harnessed.

Kogi West did not only host the State Capital, it also became home to strangers within and outside Kogi State and Nigeria that majority of them are now citizens by naturalization and birth as provided by the Nigeria constitution.

With all of these profiles, strength and resources, how can such blessed region be challenged by others as less populated and lack of political and electoral strength to deliver the State Governor?

Kogi West has more votes than any other region of the State, what is lacking is the ability to strategize and mop out all of these votes in an election.

Kogi West has all the resources (human, finance, wisdom, external influence, etc) needed to take Kogi State from these strangers (Kogi East and Central) who are sleeplessly trying to relegate them.

All needed to be done is for critical stakeholders from the region to painstakingly put their resources together, strategize and #TakeBackKogiWest from the shallows of no political value.


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