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Celebration of Life As The Yakubus bid Farewell to Mrs Omonola Dorcas Yakubu

by Felicia Awoyemi
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By: Musa Olumayowa Yakubu


The family of Late Chief Yakubu, Otitoju Ikujemiya (Songowanwa) of Omirin clan, Aye quarters, Iyamoye bids farewell to our Wife, Sister, Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother, Late Mrs Dorcas Omonola whose remains was committed to mother earth today, Friday, April 26, 2024 at her residence, Olorunshogo, Idofin quarters, Iyamoye in Ijumu LGA, Kogi state.


Mrs Dorcas Omonola was born on February 5th, 1934 in lyamoye, Ijumu Kogi State, Nigeria, to Chief Jeremiah and Comfort Omotesho. Her birthplace was Agboole, nestled within their earliest settlement.

During the early 1930s, colonial road projects linking Kabba and Omuo prompted the migration of Idofin youths to Ayedero, a new settlement, seeking modern amenities and civilization.

A Cross Session of Family of Late Mama Omonola Dorcas Yakubu at the Burial Service

A week before the entire Idofin clan completely migrated to Ayedero, now known as Iyamoye, Dorcas made history as the first child born and christened in the new settlement.

The naming ceremony became a significant social gathering, reuniting friends, families, and acquaintances. The late Chief Bamikunlu’s birth was equally historical as the first child born in Ayedero after few weeks of migration.

Raised by lya sunah, a revered Muslim woman leader, and her maternal relative, Dorcas imbibed values of resilience and strength. Despite lacking formal education, she harbored aspirations for more. However, family obligations compelled her to assist her mother in trade.

Dorcas diligently aided her mother, Momo Bibi, a specialist in cotton weaving, by carrying her wares to Ikare market, enduring days of trekking to and from the market. This routine sustained the family, funding her late elder brother’s education, late Pa J.A.Omotesho.

Although, Dorcas yearned for education, her mother, unable to afford both siblings’ schooling, dissuaded her, promising that her elder brother would facilitate her education once he graduated and secured employment.

Over time, her brother graduated and commenced work in Lagos, significantly improving the family’s living standards, he wanted to take his sister to Lagos.

However, their parents resisted his plan to take Dorcas to Lagos for education, fearing she might be lured away by unsuitable suitors, particularly from Ijebu.

Marriage ushered in a new chapter for Dorcas. She wedded a man from her community and initiated her business ventures. As a dynamic entrepreneur, she diversified her business, becoming renowned as a food vendor selling various staples and snacks. Additionally, she ventured into farming, cultivating both food and cash crops for sale.


Upon her marriage to Mallam Yakubu Otitoju Ikujemiya, Dorcas embraced Islam, finding solace in her faith and practicing it devoutly. Despite opportunities, she declined leadership roles within the community’s mosque.

Following her husband’s demise, Dorcas reverted to Christianity, yet her core remained steadfast — a beacon of strength, integrity, and affection in a tumultuous world.

As Omonola’s journey comes to a close, we remember her for her unwavering resilience and the love and wisdom she imparted to all who crossed her path. Her story shall endure in history, a testament to the unwavering spirit of one woman’s pursuit of a fulfilling life.


Mrs Omonola Dorcas Yakubu lived for 90 Years (1934 – 2024)

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