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World Population Day; NCWS Advocates More Attention For Vulnerable Persons

by Felicia Awoyemi
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As the World celebrate the International Population Day, National Council of Women Societies ((NCWS) has advocated more attention for vulnerable persons in Nigeria.


According to a statement by Mrs. Geraldine Etuk, Acting president, the day was set aside to raise awareness of population issues as well as their critical impact.


Today, July 11, 2024, we join the global community in observing World Population Day, an occasion dedicated to raising awareness of population issues and their critical impact on development and sustainability.


This year’s theme, “Leave no one behind, count everyone,” is a call to action that resonates deeply with our mission and values at the National Council of Women Societies.


As we reflect on this theme, we are reminded of the inherent dignity and worth of every individual. In a world where population dynamics are rapidly changing, it is crucial that we commit to inclusive policies and practices that recognize and address the needs of all people, particularly those who are often marginalized or overlooked. Women, children, the elderly, persons with disabilities, and minority groups must be at the forefront of our efforts to create equitable and just societies.


Importance of Comprehensive Data Collection


Accurate and comprehensive data collection is the bedrock of effective policy-making and planning. It enables governments and organizations to identify gaps, allocate resources efficiently, and implement programs that truly serve the needs of the population. This World Population Day, we urge all stakeholders to invest in robust data systems that ensure everyone is counted. Reliable data is crucial for tracking progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and ensuring that no one is left behind.


Healthcare and Education for All


Access to healthcare and education are fundamental human rights and essential for the well-being and development of individuals and communities. As we advocate for the theme “Leave no one behind, count everyone,” we call for increased investment in healthcare systems that provide quality services to all, regardless of socio-economic status or geographic location. Similarly, education must be inclusive and accessible, empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in a changing world.


Empowering Women and Girls


At the heart of our mission is the empowerment of women and girls. Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable world. We must intensify our efforts to eliminate gender-based violence, ensure equal access to opportunities, and support women’s participation in decision-making processes at all levels. By empowering women and girls, we pave the way for healthier, more resilient communities.


Addressing the Needs of Vulnerable Populations


Special attention must be given to vulnerable populations who face multiple layers of disadvantage. This includes refugees, migrants, internally displaced persons, and those living in conflict-affected areas. Their needs are often complex and urgent, requiring coordinated and compassionate responses. We must ensure that humanitarian aid and development initiatives are inclusive and provide long-term support for these individuals.


Climate Change and Population Dynamics


Climate change is a pressing global challenge that disproportionately affects the most vulnerable populations. As we observe World Population Day, we must recognize the intersection between population dynamics and environmental sustainability. Efforts to mitigate climate change must include strategies for population management, sustainable resource use, and disaster preparedness. By integrating these approaches, we can build resilient communities that are better equipped to face future challenges.


Call to Action


On this World Population Day, we call upon governments, civil society, international organizations, and individuals to join us in our commitment to “Leave no one behind, count everyone.” Let us work together to create a world where every person is valued, their rights protected, and their potential realized. By doing so, we can build a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable future for all.

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