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Senator Sunday Karimi’s Underpriced Personality and Quiet But Laudable Impacts in Kogi West Senatorial District

by Felicia Awoyemi
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By: Enigmatic Media


Senator Sunday Karimi is a refreshing anomaly in the realm of politics, where self-promotion and grandstanding are often the norm. Despite his impressive accomplishments, he shuns the spotlight, preferring to focus on the needs of his constituents rather than his own ego.


Enigmatic Media, a Nigerian leading branding company has taken their time to have a quick peak into few achievements of Karimi in politics, his relationship with his constituents, and particularly the 10th Senate.


Senator Sunday Karimi’s humility is evident in his willingness to listen and learn from others, acknowledging that he doesn’t have all the answers. He engages with his constituents in a non-confrontational and respectful manner, even when disagreeing with their views. This approachability has earned him a reputation as a true representative of the people.


Kogi West Senatorial District is known to be a seashore of knowledge, where six out of ten selected individuals are highly educated, exposed, and politically inclined. The people of Kogi West Senatorial District; which comprises of the Gbede, Yagba, Owe, Bunu, Ebira-Koto, Oworo, and other tribes, are predominantly Yorubas, as history rightly definds.


You will then agree with us that being a representative of this particular region would not be a piece of cake; as much would be expected, and accountability taken very seriously. Such is the fate of every public office holder from this vast group of people.


In the past since the return of democracy in 1999, the region has been blessed with leaders who represented their interests at the national assembly, particularly the Senate. Senator Sunday Karimi after two consecutive tenure as Member Representing Yagba Federal Constituency at the Federal House of Representatives from 2011-2019 optioned for the Senate, and graciously secured the mandate of the people in 2023, when he contested and won convincingly.


His victory in 2023 renewed the hope of the people of Kogi West; as they believe in the leadership prowess and capabilities of their representative, Senator Sunday Karimi.


Upon his inauguration as member of the 10th Senate on June 13th, 2023, Senator Sunday Karimi began his legislative duties fully prepared. And in slightly over a year in office, he has to his name bills and motions, with some at the second reading stage. These includes;


– Corrupt Practices and other Related Offences (Amendment)Bill 2023


– Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Sixth Alteration Bill (Police Decentralisation) Bill 2024


– Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (Local Government Autonomy) Bill 2024


And some of his Motions includes;


– Motion on urgent need to investigate the allegation of fraud at the national rural electrification agency and to ensure recovery of funds and restoration of the image of the Federal Republic of Nigeria


– Motion on Urgent need to Investigate various Turn Around Maintenance Projects of Nigerian Refineries in order to uncover Waste and Continued Plundering of Public Resources


– Motion on the urgent need to halt disbursement of $800 Million Dollars Subsidy Palliative and Channel it to people-centred self-financing Developmental Projects


Senator Karimi’s underpriced personality, combined with his dedication to public service and his impressive achievements, have made him a role model for future generations of leaders. His legacy will undoubtedly be one of selflessness, compassion, and true representation.


His contribution to the 10th Senate through his well detailed legislative duties has set him aside as one of the best amongst the 109 Senators of the Federal Republic. And as the Chairman Committee on Senate Service, he has demonstrated striking leadership qualities and contributions via his people oriented initiatives. Reason Senator Sunday Karimi was nicknamed, “The People’s Senator.”


Senator Karimi’s kindness and compassion are hallmarks of his leadership style. He has been known to go out of his way to support vulnerable members of his community, often quietly providing aid without seeking recognition. His empathy and understanding of the struggles of everyday people have made him a beloved figure in Kogi State. Being a man of the people, he managed to stay connected with his constituents as their Senator and representative, through his people oriented bills and motions, empowerment initiatives, and constant distribution of palliatives.


It was gathered by Enigmatic Media that Senator Sunday Karimi in less than 14 months in the Senate, has facilitated the following for his people;


– Distribution of 8 trailers of Rice palliatives to Kogi Constituents.


– Senator Sunday Karimi FasTrack the repairs on Kabba-Egbe-Ilorin road. A road that has remain dilapidated for decades without government’s intervention.


– To combat insecurity, Senator Karimi donated a mini-military barrack to Kogi/Kwara border community in Yagba West LGA.


– Facilitate for each of the seven Local Government Areas of Kogi West Senatorial District, five units of solar power boreholes and five 500kva transformers to boost the water and energy supply to the constituents.


– Proposed one hundred million naira Students’s bursary scheme for students across Kogi West Senatorial District.


– Facilitate employment opportunities for qualified constituents in different government agencies and parastatal such as the paramilitary, education, and host of others.


The above are only to mention but a few. It has then become a necessity to ask, why is the personality of Senator Sunday Karimi underpriced?

This is simply because as a humble individual, he avoids self-promotion and publicity, focusing on work over fame, and prioritizes deliverables and results over seeking recognitions. There is no need for further debates; as the silent but results oriented personality has warmed his way into the hearts of his constituents even across political divides.


Going by the trajectory of his predecessors, one could bold say that Karimi has been able to set a new standard following his performances in a short period of time as Senator. His achievements in less than 14 months, despite flying under the radar, demonstrates his dedication and commitment to serving his constituents.


It is also fundamental to note that his ability to deliver meaningful results without seeking to draw attention to himself is a testament to his selfless leadership and commitment to the betterment of Kogi West, and his humility and focus on service over self-promotion are qualities that make him an effective and impactful leader.

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